Sea Quest Kids

In two days or less children and young adults from four years old through college age including all special needs kids build a ten foot Sea Quest 100 scow-skiff, paddles, oars, mast, sail, sail rig, and outboard motor bracket, get boating and water safety trained, and become part of an international network of kids that have all built their own boats and have organized ongoing events.   The Sea Quest 100 holds over 1,100 pounds and only draws about 3-4 inches of water or less depending on the load.

We have worked with virtually every kind of group that works with kids!  Boys and Girls Clubs, all scouting programs, YMCAs, summer camps, schools, churches, yacht clubs, fishing clubs, Big Brothers and Big Sister, Special Olympics and every type of special needs.  We have also done corporate team building experiences.

We train the adult leaders of organized groups that work with kids how to cut the parts, how to lead the kids through building boats, and how to do events for the kids after they have the boats.  The training sessions are how we raise money for Sea Quest Kids.  Sessions include all materials to build two boats and a Sea Quest Kids manual with DVD 1 of “Boating and Water Safety For Kids and Families” 6 DVD series.

Sea Quest Kids work with colleges and universities doing aqua culture programs; seed oyster  and clam beds, water quality testing and more; do public speaking to PTAs, town councils, civic associations, United States Power Squadrons, and numerous other groups including testifying about boating and water safety before the US Senate and House of Representatives; do boating and water safety demonstrations; present their boats and activities at boat shows and other public and private special events such as fairs, festivals, and parades; overnight campouts; community service doing waterway clean ups; and more.

Sign up your organization now to invest in a lifetime program and be trained in how to do Sea Quest Kids.  Training from one to three days including all of the materials to build two boats is $3,750 all inclusive of travel within a 1,000 mile range.  For four to seven days the fee is $5,750.  At the end you will have two Sea Quest Kids boats and the beginning of a lifetime of adventure and fun times for the kids in your groups.


Advance America Foundation Film,Television, and Radio Division

Advance America Foundation Film, Television and Radio Division teaches children and young adults how to shoot film and television and edit and how to handle a microphone and do interviews.  All of the boating and water safety interviews and demonstrations have been compiled into the largest boating and water safety video education project ever done in the marine industry.  Six full length DVDs in all ranging from an hour and a half to forty minutes.  By far the best value in the Education Video market where one often finds the prices of education videos to be very expensive and not unusual to see $45 being charged for as little as a ten minute video.  Our DVDs are $20 each and $90 for the complete set of six DVDs.

Pricing: Each $20  Three or more $15 each
“Boating and Water Safety Videos For Kids and Families” DVDs

Titles: DVD 1 – General Boating & Water Safety: 1) Safety By The Baker’s Dozen, 2) Reach, Throw, Row, & Go; 3) Skipper Incapacitated; 4) All about PFDs (Life Jackets); 5) Sea Quest Kids Boat Building. Run Time 1 hour and 25 minutes
DVD 2 – Running A Boat/Basic Skills & Knowledge: Includes segments on 1) Tying knots, 2) Docking, 3) Anchoring, 4) Telling The Weather, 5) Environmental Awareness, 6) Electronics and Gauges, 7) Engines & Gauges, 8) Sea Quest Kids Boat Building. Run Time 1 hour and 36 minutes
DVE 3 – Running A Boat – Power & Sail: 1) Powerboats; 2) Sailboats: 3) Special needs boating: 4) Sea Quest Kids Boat Building Run Time 1 hour and 20 minutes
DVD 4 – Navigation Skills: 1) Navigation by GPS, Charts, and Compass; 2) Telling Directions; 3) Telling Time; 4) Review of Safety By The Baker’s Dozen; 5) Sea Quest Kids Boat Building. Run Time 1hour and 27 minutes
DVD 5 – Personal Water Craft Safety: 1) Laws Concerning PWCs; 2) PWC General Descriptions, 3) Safety Equipment & Issues; 4) Operating On The Water; 5) Launching; 6) Rules of the Road; 7) Getting On The Trailer; 8) Sea Quest Kids Boat Building; Run Time 39 minutes
DVD 6 – Water Ski Safety: 1) Fourteen Points of Water Ski Safety; 2) Equipment Checks Before Going On The Water; 3) The Boat & Captain; 4) Water Ski Signals; 5) Slalom Skiing, Skiing Two Skis & Shows Signals; 6) Trick Skiing; 7) Special Tip On How To Fall; 8) Ski Jumping; 9) Tow Rope Lengths; 10) Running Gear on the Boat; 11) American Water Ski Education Foundation (AWSEF) Hall of Fame; 12) Sea Quest Kids Boat Building; Run Time 49 minutes

The Making Of The “Boating And Water Safety Videos For Kids and Families” DVDs:
Two and a half years in the making; shot in seven countries; more than 140 hours of HD video recorded; the “Boating and Water Safety Videos For Kids and Families” is a production of Sea Quest Kids KBN Sea Action new and Advance America Foundation Film And Television Division. The KBN Sea Action News Team is a fabulous world wide group of reporters, bureau chiefs, and news anchors ranging in age from 4 years old to 22 years old.

The videos are set up as a news broadcast with three co-anchors at a main news desk. The co-anchors came up with the safety subjects and throw them to the field reporters who then demonstrate the safety subject either by themselves or with the help of other kids and adults.

There are also special reports, special reminders, and safety tips which are given by professionals in boating and water safety, Included are interviews with people who have actually used the safety techniques and procedures to save their own lives and the lives of others. The message is, “They really work!”

The videos are meant to be used as an entertaining and fun teaching tool for kids and families as as an audio visual aid for boating safety education classes.

Sea Quest Kids exclusively has Jeffery, the boating safety comic. With Jeffery, the fun graphics, and sound effects, kids and adults love the “Boating and Water Safety Videos For Kids and Families”. Even long time veteran boaters say they learn things from the series and they are excited about the format!

Remember: There is no substitute for being boating safety certified! KBN Sea Action News just makes the experience of learning more fun and easy to go back to. It’s a great way to get boat passengers up to speed quickly before they go out on the water or even while you are on the water!

Numerous boating safety officials have rated the “Boating and Water Safety Videos For Kids and Families” the best production, best information, and best presentation in the industry! However, remember to take Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadrons safety courses!

Buy your set of Boating and Water Safety For Kids and Families today!

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We The Kids & KBN Sea Action News Kids Boating Network and Kids Broadcasting Network KBN See Action News

Kids Boating Network has the KBN Sea Action News team! It is an international network of kid newscasters reporting news stories in their local area.

We have been asked to produce a weekly one hour radio show featuring our other Kids Division at Advance America Foundation. That Divison is We The Kids.

We The Kids is headquartered in South Bend Indiana and was founded by Judy Frazier and is national and international in scale and growing.

We The Kids mission is to teach children and young adults the accurate founding history of the country and all of the founding documents.  Not only do kids find exciting and entertaining ways to learn about our history develop a healthy respect for what is this great experiment in building a free nation as a Constitutional Republic.  Not only do We The Kids broaden and strengthen their understanding of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, but they also concentrate on the Articles of Confederation and the Federalist Papers.  After all, the Articles of Confederation was the original contract of the 13 Colonies among themselves to organize their interactions together but they also served as the basis for the governance of America.

We The Kids discover the exciting and fascinating world of patriotism and what it means to our country and its place in the world! Come along with us on a fun filled excursion into the true history of America and its founding! You will see everything from the first spy rings that served our Country during the Revolutionary War to the heart rending dedication of our militias and army as they fought under General George Washington and sacrificed everything they had for the sake of freedom and our nation! Experience the depth of meaning of our founding documents and why it is so important to be a Constitutional Republic verses a democracy as we have incorrectly been termed! See the astonishing effect freedom had on society and the formation of business and industry making America into the greatest and most giving nation in the history of the world! The people of the nations of the world look to America and its people for hope of a better life and for the solutions to the problems of the world! Take this incredible journey with We The Kids! Sign up and sign up your kids today! Make a donation that will strengthen our kids through their understanding of the legacy of America and its founding!

We The Kids exists to help children understand American history and civics in an engaging, exciting, dynamic, and fascinating format that encourages them to love their country and get involved in shaping its future. We provide lessons about important events in American history, as well as the ideals developed by our Founding Fathers and other significant Americans. We also give a space for kids to learn from other kids–we don’t just teach to our children, but also through them!

Make a donation that will strengthen our kids through their understanding of the legacy of America and its founding!

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The most life changing impact on the life of a young person or even adults is for them to build their own ten foot Sea Quest 100 scow-skiff and learn how to use it.  Since 1989 Advance America Foundation, the education foundation building bridges thru education, we have tried and experienced many different hands on activities for kids and other motivational learning activities and on average by far the number one activity to impact the self image and confidence level of a child or young adult is for them to build their own Sea Quest 100 scow-skiff and learn how to use it.  There is not even a close second.

And if you thought building a boat would be mostly a guy activitiy you would be wrong since more than 60% of our boat builders are girls!!!

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Whether it is building a Sea Quest 100 ten foot scow-skiff or as a budding patriot in We The Kids learning the founding history and documents of our Constitutional Republic, we get kids more excited about learning things than you will ever see in any other program!!!


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Sign up to start a Sea Quest Kids or We The Kids program now!!!  It will be the best investment in the life of a child that you will ever make!!!

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