KBN Sea Action News Reporter Clem Palmer III competes in Robotics Competition at Vanguard Christian Institute west of San Antonio Texas

KBN See Action News reporter Clem Palmer III was in an event of the VEX Robotics Competition Starstuck at Vanguard Christian Institute in Boerne, Texas on Saturday November 18, 2017.  The team was plagued with gearing, battery, and connectivity problems in circuits, but stayed the course to the end.  Showing outstanding ability to adjust to contingencies Palmer and teamate Casey rebuilt their robot throughout the competition.  Diagnosing problems on the fly they changed the configuration of their robot from being a unit to pick up cones to a unit that was able to herd cones.  The change in strategy and configuration put Baily (Bears) Middle School Austin, Texas on the scoreboard in the last match.

Versus teams that had no or few problems with which to deal, it was far more interesting to watch these two middle schoolers tough it out and stay on point to the end without giving up.  The determination and dedication to completing the task was quite admirable and inspiring.  As their teacher noted his teams in the previous years at times had difficulties starting out the robotics competition season, but often many of them would end up going to the statewide competition.

Palmer and Casey demonstrated great character and will to succeed and ability to adjust on the fly under pressure!  These are the types of traits you always want to have on your team.  Kudos to Palmer and Casey for staying the course to finish the assigned task.  I would look for them as front runners in the statewide finals for Texas!                                        

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