Sea Quest Kids

The world’s leading boat building and water and boating safety program for kids and families and includes all special needs.  Founded in 1989 the program has helped more than 60,000 children and built more than 6,000 Sea Quest 100 scow-skiffs.  International in our reach having been to all parts of the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales), Germany, France, Denmark, and Canada.

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Film, Television, and Radio Division of Advance America Foundation

Produced the largest most comprehensive video education project ever done in the marine industry, Boating And Water Safety For Kids And Families.  Six DVDs presently in the series.

Two and a half years in the making; shot in seven countries; more than 140 hours of HD video recorded; the “Boating and Water Safety Videos For Kids and Families” is a production of Sea Quest Kids KBN Sea Action News and Advance America Foundation Film And Television Division. The KBN Sea Action News Team is a fabulous world wide group of reporters, bureau chiefs, and news anchors ranging in age from 4 years old through college age.

The videos are set up as a news broadcast with three co-anchors at a main news desk. The co-anchors came up with the safety subjects and throw them to the field reporters who then demonstrate the safety subject either by themselves or with the help of other kids and adults.

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We The Kids & KBN Sea Action News: We The Kids and Kids Broadcasting Network KBN See Action News

We The Kids, We The Kids Radio, and the Kids Boating Network KBN Sea Action News, and the Kids Broadcasting Network KBN See Action News are all very strong on our youth developing excellent communication skills and developing the confidence to produce significant work and stories that will interest the their communities, their regions, and the world.  They learn the importance of: 1) grammar and clear and concise communication; 2) being exacting thinkers and logical in order to present the work of their investigations and news gathering in a clear, concise, and understandable form.

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Go to the Services page to learn more

Sea Quest Kids

Sea Quest Kids and Advance America Foundation are known the world over.  We are the leading program innovators in boat building and boating and water safety for kids and young adults.  We are also noted for our work with Special Needs people whether kids or adults.  A director for the Center For Autism at the University Miami said by the best program she ever saw for Autistic children.  A Director of Safety for the New York State Park System said the Boating And Water Safety Videos For Kids And Families was the best work ever done in the boating safety business.  Safety people in all areas of safety education have said that the KBN Sea Action News work in boating and water safety for kids and families is by far the best work ever done in the safety industry.

One of the main reasons for our effectiveness is that we have a guiding priniciple which guides our thinking to be comprehensive and to always try to achieve optimal solutions to problems.  The Advance America Foundation problem solving principle is called Optimization Through Total Environmental Awareness.  It is catalogued in the Library of Congress.  The principal is based in the logic that in order to have the best life a person has to solve all problems for the best possible solution.  In the sciences, business and engineering the best solutions are termed Optimal Solutions.  Part of the inspiration for Advance America Foundation’s guiding principle is the result of one of our founders graduate studies in Econometrics. In the field of econometrics the goal is to identify all of the variables that affect an economy so that if a variable is changes naturally or is changed by design those who monitor the state of the economy can predict what the impact will be.

The same applies to our lives and to problem solving.  By logic the only way to have the best life that we possibly can is to solve all problems fot the best solutions that we can.  In finding optimal solutions to problems we can consciously move toward having the best life that we possibly can.

One of the curious things that we encountered in the field of education was that after anecdotally asking teachers, educators, and administrators about what a problem is the majority referred to thinking about math problems, or physics problems or other such considerations to solve.  Problem solving involves a much more comprehensive definition and view because wherever a person has choice they have a problem to solve.  That means that from the time we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep at night we are involved in a constant stream of problem solving.

For the above reason and because all people agree that they want to have the best life that they possibly can have, it is logical that we need to understand optimization and solving problems for optimal solutions.  In order to do this we need to try to be aware of all the variables that affect the outcome of whatever it is that we are trying to do.  This requires us to be active thinkers and not lazy thinkers and dependent on other sources to find answers for us.  To see children and even adults plugging 1 + 1 and other simple math into a calculator and wasting that time is a prime example of people becoming dependent on machines to do the work of calculation for them.  The brain is similar in certain respects to muscle from the standpoint that if you don’t use them your muscle or brain will become weaker and less able to process information at peak efficiency.

The effectiveness of Sea Quest Kids, We The Kids and the various other Advance America Foundation programs is that we use our guiding principle of Optimization Through Total Environmental Awareness to guide our thinking and consequently our actions.

Somewhere on this web site we will find a place to put the full elaboration of Optimization Through Total Environmental Awareness and it may appear as a downloadable file.

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Sign up now for your organization or family to do Sea Quest Kids and/or We The Kids.  We The Kids has curricula for all grade levels for home schooling and Sea Quest Kids has a manual on how to build a Sea Quest 100 ten foot scow-skiff and the Sea Quest 80 eight foot scow skiff.  The manual comes with DVD 1 of Boating and Water Safety For Kids And Families.  The manual is only $35.  Contact us for pricing for on location training for any of the above programs.

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